Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Place to Eat

Amy Chea – The Cheese Cake Factory
Judy Finch – Ruby River
Sheri Mueller – Tucano’s
Stacey Robins – Zupas
Chiara West – 3 Bears Cottage in Kanab, Utah
Monica Lamb - Olive Garden (Happy memories)
Cathy Sorenson – Café Rio, Zupas
Kara Barney – Smashburger
Cindy Bushman - Ruby River, Brick Oven, Los Hermanos
Winifred Durrant - Home
Amanda Boswell - Chili’s
Brenda Prete – Anywhere but home
Kathryn Bichsel – Stan’s on 9th East in Provo
Pam Romero – Café Rio, Panda Express
Shari Wroblewski – Cheesecake factory
Melanie Bennett – Olive Garden
Jana Chase – Maddox Ranch House
Cacci Karcich – Rodizio (Brazilian)
Rochelle Augustine – Asian Buffet
Regina Griffin – Mexican Anything
Susan Standefer - Paris
Katie Rasmussen – La Casita
Sharon Adams –Olive Garden
Joyce Purcell – Outback
Michele Garvin - Tucanos
Marilyn Elison – The Mandarin in Bountiful
Janice Pace – Depends on my mood
Maria E. Norman – Chinese buffet
Cindy Knudsen – Brick oven
Joyce Glines – Chuck a Rama
De Ann McCoard – Going out to dinner
Kathy Keske – Olive Garden
Alicia Kanamu – Texas road house, Steak or Macaroni Grill, pasta
Sherry Jones – Cracker Barrel
Julie Cook – Del Taco & Subway
Julie Norman – A picnic in the mountains
Loraine Fitzsimmons – Golden Corral
Alice Durrant – Red Lobster
Sara Neumeyer – Home – it’s better when you cook at home
Jill Boone - India Palace
Marie King – O’Charleys
Genie Lamb - Mom’s kitchen table
Rachelle Bailey - Carrabas
Kristen Fraedrich - Home
Melanie Allen – Los Tres Amigos
Tammie Anderson – Red Robin
Tonja Roberts – Olive Garden & Café Rio
Aliece Boone – Joe Bandidos
Jackie Fullmer – Red Lobster, Brick Oven
Patti Powell – Home
Sam McCoard - Kneaders
Kathy Howard – Azteca